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25 Year Shelf Life Emergency Food


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Guaranteed Best Price On Wise Foods Anywhere!

 Introducing JRI's New Line Of 25 Year Shelf Life Camping and
Emergency Preparation Freeze Dried Foods

Just Renew-it! Industrial Supply Emergency Bulk Order Foods

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Message From Just Renew-it! Industrial Supplies. Urgent UN Report: "Global Food Prices Up 40%" We have been following the growing trends around the world and it is our opinion that there are many very powerful reasons to justify the growing movement of "preppers" in the United States and around the world. You may not be aware of this but there is a massive movement of people in the US that are stocking up on food and preparing for whatever may come. This movement is said to be growing exponentially as millions are waking up to the realities of today's rapidly deteriorating national and global situation. Though there are many reasons to prepare your family for an unexpected emergency we believe at the moment the most likely and immediate threat comes from the growing global economic and political crisis that is exploding around the world. The threat of global food shortages and hyper inflation, economic collapse and frankly, large scale war has been recognized by the highest levels of governments globally. From the UN to the EU, the warnings of a global financial collapse and growing world food shortage loud and clear. Fox News, CNN, CBSnews, MSNBC and many many other news agencies have reported on this growing threat.

Clearly, we at Just Renew-it! Industrial supply are not experts on world politics or global economics. We are however informed enough to know something is not right with the world. Things are changing rapidly. Traditionally, JRI has been an industrial supply company proudly offering various types of high quality industrial cleaning equipment to the professional world. Recently we have felt a desire to help inform and equip the average person to be prepared for whatever may come. We are proud to introduce our new line of emergency preparedness products.

War, political unrest, natural disasters, drought and famine are all very real and very powerful reasons to be prepared. But what about a simple job lay off? What if you get injured or even tragically pass away? Who will provide for your families basic needs while they struggle to adjust to their new circumstances? By buying peace of mind in the form of back up food, you insure your families basic needs will be met no matter what may come. You can do this right now, today with a click of a mouse and have the piece of mind you and your loved ones deserve. No matter how you do it or who you buy from, please consider buying long term storable food for your family while you still can.

Easy Order: Being prepared has never been easier. Simply click "add to cart" on any package deal listed below or call us at 1-800-490-1886 to place your order. All orders are pre packaged and delivered right to your door step!  Our high quality, 25 year shelf life meals are sealed and ready for storage at your home or office. A years supply of food can fit in the same space a standard washer or dryer takes! Just open, add water and eat. It couldn't be easier! For a hot meal add hot water and let sit about 10 or 12 minutes. For an emergency meal when you don't have hot water just add cold water and wait a little longer for your delicious instant meal. Our emergency food package deals make being prepared a snap. There are many other companies advertising this same kind of food on radio stations and TV charging thousands more. Order from us at Just Renew It! Industrial Supply and save!

A note about fear. You should not live your life in fear, in fact, the opposite is true. With some simple preparation you can be confident about weathering out any economic storm that man come.  Please don't be afraid, simply be aware and prepare . Get some assurance and peace of mind and know your familys basic needs are covered. If you want to learn more about this topic you may find youtube.com helpful. Try the key words food shortage, hyper inflation, economic collapse, or prepper. We have provided a few videos on the key words food shortage to your right. We hope you find them helpful.

The freeze dried food we are offering here is light weight, easy to make, delicious and has a 25 year storage life. Having some extra food in the house in case of an emergency just makes sense. Just add hot water, let sit for 12 minutes and eat. They provide easy nutritious meals when you need it the most. They also make the perfect hiking and camping food!


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Just Renew-it! Industrial Supply Emergency Bulk Order Foods

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Just Renew-it! Industrial Supply Emergency Bulk Order Foods