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  HOTEL Housekeeping With A Vapor Steam Cleaner

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Dry Vapor Commercial Steam Cleaners In Hotel Housekeeping Janitorial Cleaning


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  Play Video:  Commercial Bathroom Cleaning  W/Steam!   Play Video NEW- Air Conditioner COIL Clean w/Steam Cleaner
  Play Video:  Commercial Kitchen Cleaning  W/Steam!   Play Video NEW- (AUTO Detailing) PART-1: The DRY CARWASH
  Play Video:  ACCESSORIES: (All) Basic Steamer Accessories   Play Video NEW- (AUTO Detailing) PART-2: The DRY CARWASH
  Play Video:  ACCESSORIES: Large Triangle Brush & Steam Mop   Play VideoNEW- (AUTO Detailing) Cleaning LEATHER Seats
  Play Video:  PRODUCT Features Video: NEW- VC 4000-C   Play VideoNEW- (AUTO Detailing) Extreme Upholstery Extractors
  Play Video:  PRODUCT Features Video: VC 3000 Red   Play VideoNEW- HOTEL Housekeeping  W/Steam!
  Play Video:  PRODUCT Features Video: Super Vapor 6   Play Video NEW- Steam MOP HARDWOOD Floors, how-to!
  Play Video:  Steam Cleaning A Moldy Table   Play Video NEW- Tile & Grout Cleaning TRAINING & SPEED
  Play Video:  VC 4000-S In Action: Home & Commercial Cleaning   Play Video:  Tile & Grout Cleaning - More Footage

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NOTE: The videos above may represent the impressive functionality of the VC3000 Series, Saphire2, VC4000-S, VC4000-C, Super Vapor 6 Series. They do not represent nor do they
depict the functionality of the Small hand held Peppa steamer or other home use light steam cleaners
.  If you have a question about a  products performance, applications or
accessories give us a call. Accessory packages vary from steamer to steamer so view the web site or call for the latest list of accessories that come with the steamer you are
 looking at. We hope our videos are helpful in your decision making process. If you have any questions call us at 800-490-1886 or visit our main steamer page

Need Help Choosing a home or Commercial Steam Cleaner?
below is some information that may help you decide

WHAT SHOULD I LOOK FOR IN A STEAMER? This is a great question. Most steam cleaner sales people don't even know the right answer. Often they ramble on about warranties, shipping, the manufacture or even the power consumption of a unit. The truth is that there are two main things that make a great steamer. First and most important of all, the size of the boiler. Second, the quality of the accessories. Home or commercial dry vapor steam cleaners are virtually useless without the right accessories. The best way for us to illustrate the importance of the boiler size is this. The more water in the boiler, the more steam bubbles being created every second. The more steam being created the better the continuous flow, and refresh rate of the steam. Even a tiny boiler can be programmed to yield high pressures (at first burst). Inside virtually every steamer is a pressure regulator. This controls the maximum steam pressure, not the continuous flow of steam. The amount of water boiling determines the steady flow of steam you get. Example, lets take two steamers. One with a 1 liter of water at say, 1500 watts. The other with 4 liters of water at the same power. They are both rated for 65 PSI and they will both give the exact same burst of 65 PSI when you first pull the trigger. The smaller boiler steamer will drop in pressure much, much faster then the larger one and will also run steady at a much lower pressure. The larger 4 liter boiler has more water boiling which means more steam bubbles being generated every second which means a better, stronger flow of steam.

The bottom line is the bigger the boiler, the better the steam flow. A decent boiler should never be less then 1.5 liters. A good sized boiler is 2 liters. A truly powerful boiler is 3 liters and a top of the line boiler size is 4 liters. Of course, all this said the quality of the unit is also critical. Our line of home and commercial dry vapor steam cleaners was the FIRST the enter the USA back in 1989 and has been here ever since. Most of the steamer on the market today have only been in the country for a few years. Decades of refinement both in Europe and the United states make our units some of the best on the market. Home owners, if your looking for a top end quality home use steamer consider our VC3000 Red, it is our highest quality home use steam cleaner. It comes with a large 3 liter boiler and 27 high quality accessories. Contractors and businesses, if your looking for the best in 115 volt commercial dry vapor steam cleaners consider our VC4000-S, VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci or our Super Vapor 6.

DO DRY VAPOR STEAM CLEANERS CLEAN CARPETS WELL? A common question. The simple answer is no. These units do not have vacuum to extract. An extractor is what you need for full size carpet cleaning. However they will sanitize carpet and spot clean carpets. You can use your vapor cleaner to kill dust mites, flees, chiggers, bed bugs and other biological contaminants in carpet, furniture and bedding. They often do an amazing job of blasting out stubborn stains in your carpet but vapor cleaners are NOT true carpet or upholstery cleaners. People refer to heated carpet cleaning extractors as steam cleaners even though they only put out hot water, thus the common confusion over the term steam cleaner. If you are looking for true carpet and upholstery cleaners click here for a complete listing of our carpet extractors. Carpet cleaners merely put out hot water, granted, steaming hot water but water none the less. A true vapor steam cleaner puts out a dry steam vapor. They use less then a gallon of water every hour of non stop use! They are perfect for most hard surface cleaning and are even successfully used by auto detailers in the cleaning of leather and upholstery seats.

ARE REPLACEMENT ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE IF MINE WEAR OUT OVER TIME? The short answer is YES. IMPORTANT: When deciding on a brand of steamer, be sure you can get replacement parts that are not just available but affordable! We offer a full line of replacement accessories for most of our vapor steam cleaners. You can see our replacement accessories page here. Quality replacement accessories are extremely important. Also, well priced accessories are also very important. One example is our small nylon grout brushes. Vendors have sold them for as much as 5 to $7 each. At the time this was written OUR price for the same brush is only $3 each. You can see all of the latest prices here. Hoses, poles, detail nozzles, medium brushes, floor heads and more are all available right here at Just Renew It Industrial Supply. If you don't see the accessory you are looking for, give us a call. Please note that we ONLY CARRY replacement accessories for the following vapor steam cleaners. The Saphier 2, MR-100, VC3000 Red, VC3000 Commercial, VC4000-S Commercial, VC4000-C Commercial, 5000-Ci Commercial, and the Super Vapor-6 Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners. Sorry but we DO NOT have accessories for other brands. Please do not try to order our brushes in hopes they will fit your "other" brand of steamer. Steam cleaner manufactures intentionally make brushes and attachments to specifically fit their brands only. They will not fit. Be sure if you order attachments from us, you are ordering the right ones. If you are ever unsure, simply give us a call. We will be happy to help. See Replacement Accessories Here

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF CLEANING WITH STEAM? First and most importantly in many cases commercial dry vapor steam cleaners can clean faster, deeper then traditional methods. They also kill viruses, bacteria, funguses, and other biological contaminates instantly and naturally. For a moment, just imagine your home or business without harmful chemicals. Imagine no longer filling your environment up with harmful fumes from unknown toxic substances every time you clean. Well, imagine no more. Vapor Steam Cleaning is the solution to your indoor pollution problems. Now you can clean and disinfect surfaces WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals. Commercial dry vapor steam cleaners are fast, fun and easy. 100% ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, A powerful sales pitch! You can sell your new vapor steam cleaning service to your customers using a 'chemical free' sales pitch. As many of you may know indoor pollution is a hot topic these days. You can offer an environmentally safe, allergy and asthma friendly, no chemical, all natural vapor steam cleaning service. Carpet cleaning services, check our our carpet cleaning page. Commercial Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners are great for commercial and industrial applications as well as home use. Great for use in the grout cleaning business, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, janitorial services, offices, auto garages, motorcycle shops (a great detail tool), jewelers shops, private homes and so much more! When you want cleaning power you want one of these great professional grade steaming machines! Not only are they powerful and have a million uses they are a pleasure to work with. Clean the safe, chemical free vapor steamer way today!

WHAT IS A CHEMICAL OR DETERGENT INJECTION STEAMER AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Simply put, a hot chemical injection system allows you to inject heated detergents or non flammable chemicals into your steam flow of your steamer with a push of a button. A truly powerful cleaning tool. A Chemical Injection Steamer such as the VC-5000-Ci or the Super Vapor 6 work both in hot water mode AND chemical injection mode as well as dry steam. Easily activated with a push of a button right on the steam gun hot detergent / chemical injection gives you the extra cleaning power you want when and exactly where you need it! These systems give you the best of all three worlds, steam, hot water and soapy detergents. You can add your favorite detergent/soap to a separate injection tank located on the back of the steamer OR you can simply fill that injection tank with simple water for hot water rinsing instead of soap. These diverse abilities give you the flexibility to tackle a greater diversity of jobs then ever before. For many contractors, the ability to adjust and adapt to unexpected cleaning circumstances is very important. All of our dry vapor steam cleaners produce super heated 95+% dry vapor steam. The tank for either the chemical or water injection is the same. You simply fill the external tank with your desired fluid.

Some good chemicals: Zipwax wash-n-wax for cars, diluted common Dawn liquid dish detergent with water for cutting stubborn grease in commercial kitchens. You can also use earth friendly simple green, orange clean products and more. Be sure that none of the products you use are explosive or flammable. Chemical injection is incredibly powerful when it comes to removing grease and other sticky substances such as stickers, bubble gun and other difficult to remove grime. Though super heated steam does much of the work, the grease cutting power of detergent magnifies this power greatly. NOTE: Always be sure to put any chemicals or detergents into ONLY chemical tanks on commercial dry vapor steam cleaners. Most units can not take chemicals. Try our 5000-Ci commercial dry vapor steam cleaners for chemical injection.


CONTINUOUS FILL: (4000-C Commercial Steam Cleaner, 5000-Ci Commercial Steam Cleaner, Super Vapor 6 Industrial Steam Cleaner)  A continuous fill steamer (Dual Tank System) allows you to add water on the fly. In other words, when the steamer is low on water you can add water WITHOUT shutting it down. You can then immediately pick back up where you left off working with virtually no down time. With continuous fill you will NOT have to wait for the boiler to heat back up. How it works: A continuous fill steamer has two tanks, a boiler and a refill tank. When you add water you are simply filling the refill tank. The boiler is trickle fed from the refill tank thus insuring that the boiler is always kept full and ready for service. When the refill tank runs low you will hear a loud beeping sound and the unit will stop steaming until you add water.

TWO TOP PICKS: The 4000-C offers instant hot water mingled with the steam for a beautiful rinsing affect. The 5000-Ci has an added tank on the back that you can fill with water for hot water injection OR your favorite detergent. Just add water or detergent to the rear injection tank. Auto detailers can use zip wax or a spray and rinse wax. This way you can clean and wax the car at the same time. The 4000-c is a better dollar value but the 5000-Ci gives you the added power of chemical injection rather then just hot water injection. Read more on their individual pages. All prices are listed on the individual product pages. These two units are our top picks especially if you are considering a mobile car wash & auto detail system. Note: these are not vacuums. Click an image or link above.

SINGLE TANK STEAMER: (VC3000 Series  VC4000-S Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner) A (ST) single tank technology steamer, such as the VC-4000-S or VC-3000. Note, the 4000-S has higher wattage, a larger boiler and hot water injection. They function very much like you might think. They have a large single sealed boiler. This technology is powerful and tends to be extremely dependable as its internal components are few in number. Its simplicity of design makes it  rugged dependable. The down side to a single tank unit is that when it runs out of water you will have to release the steam pressure, open the pressure cap, fill it and wait for it to warm back up. This process will take about 30 minutes. The 4000-S can run in dry steam mode about 90 min non-stop steaming. With hot water injection on this time is greatly reduced. If you plan on doing a dry car was with only dry steam, this is fine. If you plan on using the hot water injection  be aware, you will run out of water VERY fast. If you plan on using the hot water injection very often consider the continuous fill systems like the 4000-C or 5000-Ci. All that being said, the 4000-S is a great system for the mobile detailer. It all depends on what your main use is.  The VC 3000 has a much lower wattage and does not have hot water injection. Though it is a good detailer tool, the lower wattage and smaller water tank makes it less suited for full size exterior car washing. See the individual product pages for more information.


WHAT IS CHEMICAL & HOT WATER INJECTION?: Simply put hot water injection allows you to inject super heated water into the steam flow of your steamer with a push of a button. A powerful cleaning tool. Hot water injection can be clearly be seen demonstrated in the Dry Carwash Video Part 2. Chemical or Soap injection allows for you to inject hot chemical or soap into the steam stream at the push of a button.

HOT WATER: A hot water injection steamer such as the VC-4000-S and the VC-4000-C can NOT inject soap or chemical, just hot water and dry steam. Do not attempt to put anything but clean water into this type of steamer.

CHEMICAL INJECTION: A Chemical Injection Steamer such as the VC-5000-Ci or  the Super Vapor 6 commercial steam cleaners work both hot water mode and chemical injection mode as well as dry steam. You can add your favorite detergent/soap to a separate injection tank located on the back of the steamer OR you can simply fill that injection tank with simple water for hot water rinsing instead of soap. This gives you the best of both worlds. Naturally, all of our vapor steam cleaners produce super heated dry vapor steam as well. CHEMICALS: Some good chemicals: Zipwax wash-n-wax for cars, diluted Dawn liquid dish detergent for cutting stubborn grease.  You can also use simple green, orange clean products and more. Be sure that none of the products you use are explosive or flammable.


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