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     Killing Dustmites With a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

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Dust Mites And Bed Bugs,
How To Kill Them
A simple guide for home owners and contractors alike
Brought to you by RefreshYourHome.com a Just Renew-It! company

.      . 

Killing dustmites with a vapor steam cleaner is a snap. Let us give
you a step by step breakdown of the eradication process.


       Our Vapor Steam Cleaners Kill Dust Mites Instantly! The power of our super heated vapor steam cleaners destroys dust-mites as well as scabies, germs, bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, lice and a whole host of unwanted pathogens and organisms.

     Step One:
Order your own vapor steam cleaner. Once you have it simply open the box, read the instructions and fill the steamer with clean water. We recommend distilled water but you can use clean tap water.

     Step Two:
Plug your steamer in and turn it on. Allow it to heat up. Once it is ready the green light will come on. This lets you know it is ready to use. I assume everyone is with me so far, it is truly that simple.

     Step Three:
Now simply plug the plug end of the hose into the front of the unit (see image to your right), clip on the attachment of your choice and start disinfecting! It's that easy.


Below we will go in to detail on how to kill dustmites. We also want to present to you a powerful list of facts. Our research has produced a lot of useful information about dustmites. Knowing the enemy is important if you intend on being victorious in the easily maintainable, war against dust-mites. Directly below is a simple menu. Simply click on the item you are looking for or read your way down the page. We hope the free information provided below is helpful to you.



How Do I Sanitize My Bed?
How Do I Sanitize My Carpet?

What are dust mites? What does a dust-mite eat?
How can dust-mites affect my health? What does a dust mite look like?
How can I kill them without chemicals? How big are dustmites?
Why can't I just vacuum them out? How long do dust-mites live?
My carpet cleaning service says they can do it What is their life cycle?
Dust mite history facts How many are in my bed?
Where do dustmites live? What conditions dust mites like

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Killing Dust Mites In Your Bed the ZERO Chemical Way!

With a dry vapor steam cleaner killing dust mites as well as flees, ticks, lice, chiggers, Killing Bed bugs, carpet beetles, parasites, viruses, bacteria,  mold, mildew, and other unwanted organisms is a snap. Very often steaming can eliminate many odors associated with bacteria and other organisms.  It is extremely easy and uses ZERO chemicals! Lets face it, no one wants to sleep in a bed coated with chemicals. Pure, natural "dry" steam vapor is the answer.

Sanitizing your bed is much like sanitizing your carpet, couch, drapes, pillows or upholstery. Simply power up your steamer and select the right attachment. For your bed we recommend the large rectangle area brush. This is the biggest of the accessories and is the same attachment used for steam mopping. Simply attach it directly to the wand, pull the trigger and slowly work it over the entire surface of the mattress. Make sure to get the sides as well as the top.  
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You may also sanitize your pillows and quilts in this manor. A good way to be thorough is to leave your covers on and steam the entire surface of the bedding including the sides. This will disinfect your quilt. Now take off the quilt and put it to the side. Carefully steam your pillows on both sides and place them off to the side.

Now that you have the covers off simply steam the mattress. To get an idea on how fast to go when steaming your mattress look at the illustration the right. It shows a typical full bed. Starting at the top work your way down to the bottom. This should take from 30 to 60 seconds per pass. Going at that speed should give you very good results. Over steaming, can needlessly make the mattress to moist. Simply repeat this pattern until you have done the whole top of the mattress and then do the sides of the mattress and the sides of the box spring as well. The whole process should only take you between 5 to 10 minutes.
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Once you have finished steaming allow the bed to sit for about 30 minutes. In most cases the mattress is dry to the touch in about 10 to 15 minutes. Once it is mostly dry run a vacuum over it. It is a good idea to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and a beater-bar. The vibration from the beater-bar will help to shake loose the dead dust mites. Take your time and vacuum the mattress several times. Your goal here is two fold. First, you are trying to get as many of dust mite parts and droppings out of the mattress as possible. Second, you are sucking fresh air through the mattress. This helps ensure the mattress is dry. Once finished allow the mattress air or fan dry for another hour or so before you put the covers back on. Note: It is a good idea to have your blankets washed at this time. By the way, these extra drying times are just a precaution. You will probably notice that most of the area will be dry to the touch in just one or two minutes.

 Note: We have tested many mattresses and found (in our experiance) the steam to be harmless to all except for two. Water beds and memory foam. If you have a memory foam mattress the steam may relax the memory feature of the foam and make it more like regular foam padding. It will not melt it, but rather change the properties of it. Just be aware of this fact. If you have one of those special memory foam mattresses it may alter the properties of the foam.  Take great care if you use a steamer on a water bed. Be sure you are not causing any damage to the bladder of the water bed. For the typical mattress a steamer will work harmlessly. In fact, we believe you should be more concerned with the biological contaminates then the properties of the foam.
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Killing Dust Mites In Your Carpet Is Easy!
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With a vapor steam cleaner killing dust mites as well as flees, ticks, lice, chiggers, bed bugs, carpet beetles, parasites, viruses, bacteria,  mold, mildew, and other unwanted organisms is a snap. Very often steaming can eliminate many odors associated with bacteria and other organisms.

First, fill your vapor steamer up with clean water. We recommend distilled water but filtered tap water will work. Plug it in, warm it up, plug in your hose attachment, and attach your extension poles to the handle. These extension poles allow you to comfortably stand while you clean.

For floor and carpet cleaning you will want to use the large rectangular area brush. This accessories will spread the steam out evenly across the surface you are cleaning. All you have to do now is pull the trigger on the handle and begin cleaning

Simply move the tool over the carpet in a slow steady motion. There is no need to scrub or buff. The steam does all of the work. Simply slide the floor attachment over the carpet while steaming. It is best to work in patterns. Start from the farthest corner of the room and work your way out being sure to get the whole carpet. For those of you with pets this is an excellent tool for killing flees around your house without using chemicals.

If done right and with one of our powerful line of steamers this process will eliminate virtually all living organisms in your carpet including dust mites and their eggs, flees and their eggs, ticks, chiggers, bed bugs, carpet beetles, viruses, odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and much more.

The final step is to vacuum the area very well. It is important to use a quality vacuum with a good HEPA filter. It is pointless to vacuum up the remains of the mites and just have them blow through your vacuum and into the air. Remember, the body parts and droppings of these insects are the biggest culprits when it comes to effecting allergy sufferers.

Maintaining your carpet. It is important to vacuum on a regular bases. Also remember that mites need a relative humidity of 65% to 75% to thrive. Consider buying a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air.  Also consider a good air filtration system. If you keep the area below 65% humidity, vacuum often and steam at least once a month you will have won a major victory in the battle to suppress indoor contaminates.




What are dust-mites ?
Dust mites are semi translucent, spider-like insects found in virtually everyone's bedding. They belong to the family of eight-legged creatures called arachnids. This family also includes chiggers & ticks. These biological contaminates mostly live off of dead human and animal skin but also like mold spores, pollen and the moisture our bodies give off. These biological contaminants are almost everywhere and can travel through the air as well as be transported by humans and pets back and forth between bedding, furniture, rugs, places of business and homes. These ugly spider-like creatures are too small to be seen with the naked eye. They are most often concentrated in the place we least want them. Our beds.

How can they affect my health? These insects may be small but they pack a unhealthy punch. They contribute to poor indoor air quality (IAC). The body parts and excrement for these non parasitic creatures can trigger sneezing, allergic reactions, cause rashes, watery eyes, coughing, dizziness, lethargy, breathing difficulties, depression, and general bad health. It is also believed that young children exposed to these mites may develop life long allergies. It is estimated that exposure to dust mite waist, animal dander and mold cause about 200,000 emergency-room visits by asthma patients a year and who knows how many more people suffer needlessly on a daily bases. The bottom line, dust-mites are unwanted pests! The good news is you can very effectively fight these unwanted pests with a vapor steam cleaner and some simple techniques that we will discuss in the how to section of this page.

How can I kill these dustmites? Killing dustmites is very easy. Simply pass a high powered vapor steam cleaner over the surface to be cleaned. The super heated steam kills mites AND their eggs on contact! A good steam cleaner not only kills mites but also kills bed bugs, lice, ticks, flees and their eggs. It also kills viruses, germs, bacteria and much more. These multipurpose vapor steamers are also excellent tile and grout cleaners. They are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting cooking surfaces, sinks, toilets, steam mopping hard wood floors, tile floors, car detailing and so much more. Just imagine cleaning all these surfaces without expensive and harmful chemicals. Chemical free cleaning is today's reality, the vapor steam reality. Order yours here.

Why can't I just vacuum them out of my bed? Take a close look at the picture to your left. Notice that the dust mite is clinging to a fiber. Vacuuming with a good HEPA filter vacuum may catch some but when disturbed these little spider like creatures know how to cling on to things. The only way to effectively vacuum them out is to first kill them using a high temperature, low moisture vapor steamer. Once they are dead, they will no longer cling to the fibers in your bedding or carpet and can be vacuumed up.

My carpet cleaning service says they can kill them:  Often carpet cleaning companies brag that they can kill or remove dustmites using their high moisture hot water vacuum system to extract them. While it is true they can get a lot, the water is rarely hot enough to kill them (temps should be above 200 degrees to do a good job) and in fact, what you can end up with is a wet carpet all the way down the padding and that is what dust mites crave, high levels of moisture. Once they are done, you may end up with a dust mite outbreak even worse then before they came.

Some cleaning services may offer to put chemicals on your bed or carpet. We strongly recommend against this approach. No matter how they sell it, keep in mind that insecticides are just not good for us. They may also say that their product is natural but remember, there are many all natural compounds in nature that are still bad for us. All natural super heated, low moisture vapor steam is the only safe and easy to accomplish the task of killing dust mites.
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Dust mite history fact: Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, the inventor of the microscope reported way back in 1694 that mites live in dust. Now, more than 315 years later it is an undeniable, established fact! Scientists now not only know they exist, but they exist by the millions in a typical household. Worse yet, they are a major contributor to indoor pollution and allergy problems around the world.

Where do they live? Dust mites are found anywhere there are humans, animals, warm temperatures around 70 degrees F. and relative humidity levels of about  65% to 75%. Mites are found all over the world from the Hawaiian islands to Europe, Russia, Asia and of course, the United States and Canada. Dust mites like to live in bedding.  That means the mattress and pillows you rest your head in every night. The picture to the right depicts a dust mite crawling through the fibers of a bed. Typically a mattress can have from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. These spider like creatures are also found in carpets and furniture as well as in dust you find on surfaces in the home. The sad truth is your bed is their palace. The like these places for good reasons. For a mite you are an excellent source of food (dead skin cells), warmth and moisture. That is why they are most often concentrated our beds.

What do these mites eat? Dust mites feast off of the millions of dead skin cells we shed while we sleep. They also thrive in the warmth and absorb the moisture our bodies give off as we sleep. For this reason our beds are favorite breading grounds for these eight-legged creatures.

What does a dust mite look like ? A picture is worth a thousand words so have a look at the images on this page. They are blind, semi translucent, 8 legged spider like creatures with exoskeletons. They belong to the arachnid family. To give you an idea of their size, about 10 can fit inside the period at the end of this sentence. Under a microscope the ventral view of the house dust mite reveals long setae (hairs) extending from the outer margins of the body and shorter ones on the rest. Through the microscope, one will see many oval shaped mites scuttling around over one another.

How big are they?  Dustmites are about 250 to 300 microns (gm) in length. To give you some idea of their size about 10 can fit in the period at the end of this sentence. There can be as many as 19,000 mites in one gram of dust but usually between 100 to 500 mites live in each gram. A gram is about the weight of a paper clip. To the left you can see a single dust mite clinging to a fiber.

How long do dustmites live? The life cycle of a dust mite is about 30 days. They are fast breeders. just 1000 females can multiply into millions in just a few months.

What is the life cycle of a dust-mite? Egg-laying females can add 25-30 new mites to the population during their lifetime. The mites live about 30 days. Using these basic numbers we can compute the speed at which mites may reproduce. Lets say you get a new mattress. Say within the first few hours or days 1000 female mites manage to get into the mattress, perhaps carried from the couch or floor by you or your pet. Now lets say you don't take steps to stop them from multiplying. The following is an illustration on how fast they may become a problem. We will multiply 1000 female mites times 25 offspring for each female. In one month that becomes 25,000 mites. Now divide that number in half allowing for half male mites. That is 12,500 females. Now they produce 25 more offspring each and you have 300,000 live mites by the end of the second month. By the end of the 6 months it is possible to have millions living, breading, and leaving unhealthy waist in your bed. Generation after generation living in and under your sheets. A good steamer and some common sense tactics can help end this cycle.

How many dust mites are living in my mattress? Without proper testing it is impossible for us to say. Dust mite populations rise and fall with variations in relative humidity, food supplies and room temperature.  We can however give you some estimates. In poor conditions it may be as few as 100,000 to 10,000,000 and in ideal breading conditions. Dust mite populations can rise and fall dramatically as conditions change. We will teach you how to change the conditions in your home to help reduce their population.

What conditions do dust mites like? Dust mites like temperatures above 70 degrees F. They also like their environment to have a relative humidity of about 65 to 75% They also need a good food source. Human and pet skin/dander as well as mold spores make perfect meals for the mites. We will teach you how to create ideal conditions in the how to section of this page.


Steam mopping can rid your hard floors of mites and other biological contaminants! You can steam mop hard wood floors, ceramic tile, marble, natural stone, and artificial floors like linoleum. Don't just mop your floor, steam mop it for true cleaning AND disinfecting power.



* How To Clean Grout
* How To Clean Hardwood Floors
* How To Kill Dust Mites & Scabies
* Common Questions
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A Vapor Steam Cleaner makes commercial cleaning a snap! Add a whole new
sales pitch to your cleaning services. Chemical free, allergy & asthma friendly
tile & grout, hardwood floor  cleaning services!

Vapor Steam Cleaners allow you to clean WITHOUT Harmful chemicals!
Kill dust mites on contact!




Some Quality Home & Commercial Bedbug & Dustmite Vapor Steam Cleaner Systems

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With Cart & Chem
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Why buy a tile and grout vapor steam cleaner?

Some Quality Home & Commercial Vapor Tile and Grout Steam Cleaner Systems

Home Grout Cleaner

Home Grout Steam Cleaner

Pro Grout Cleaner

Commercial Grout Steam Cleaner

Commercial Grout Cleaner

Chemical Injection Grout

With Cart & Chem



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